• Meet The Team

    Yashwanth Nagaraj

    Marketing Executive

    The lively boy of the team who is always on the go, may be because of his nature of job. He has another lovable side and deeply in love with someone very special. His playlist is always filled with love songs probably dedicated to that someone special. 

    Ragulan Tharmakulasingam

    Director / Founder

    The man behind the show! Epitom is his brand and soul. He has very few favourites and TEA tops the list. He is a huge fan of Ceylon tea and always ready to have a cup of tea. Wherever he goes to dine, despite their specialty menus he checks the varieties of tea they have.

    Omesha Senevirathna

    Web Developer

    Bold girl in the team with an absolute passion for computer games. Even in her office table she has a green man with wings who is apparently unknown by many of others but a famous character in the world of computer games it seems.

    Kalaikavi Ragulan

    Creative Director

    She loves to sit and think unlimitedly! And of course that’s one of her jobs at Epitom. Her imaginations are very colourful and vivid. She loves to talk to people, try creative things that sparks in her mind, listen to music and eat sweets.

    Faseeha Farhan

    Internet Marketing Executive

    This Rugby girl is a huge fan of All Blacks. If anyone visits her Facebook page, Twitter or simply checks the wallpaper in her Laptop, within a fraction of second they can figure out her craziness. A girl being a devoted fan of men’s game, Rugby is wired, isn’t it? 

    Asir Mohamed

    Assistant Manager - Web Developer

    He seems to be a quiet guy but very frisky during lunch time. He keeps the entire team laughing. He loves to browse and it seems there is no difference between his leisure time and work time as he always browses. 

    Time Machine