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    Your comprehensive HR solution

    We all know that HR is the heart of successful employee communication and they are the ones who are generally tasked with making sure that all the company policies are practiced, all the activities run smooth and that all employees are supported and engaged.

    This is precisely why we provide something greater than just a static HR portal; we ensure that everyone in your company finds an easy way to interact and communicate, share documents, facilitate collaboration, invite feedback and support each other. We help develop a community.


    Benefit from a complete HR service

    We will handle everything that is needed to keep your HR software working perfectly for you, right from the infrastructure to system security and data back-up. We will carefully monitor availability, performance and implement the latest, cutting-edge solutions and updates.

    We believe that your success is our success and this is why our team of experts will be available to offer guidance and advice so you can reap the benefits out of our HR solutions and services.



    Our cloud-based HR software solutions will enable you to manage your business far more effectively and productively. Our HR solutions include a plethora of handy features, all custom-made to tailor your needs.

    Human resource management: Provides a database complete with records or all employees, including personal information, employment history, profiles, promotions, benefits, etc.

    Leave management: You can monitor and record all kinds of leaves in your organization. Thereafter, you can analyze the pattern of employee absence, maintain efficiency and simplify your leave management process.

    Asset management: Record of assets issued to employees such as pagers, laptops, mobile phones, etc.

    Performance and training management: You can speed up your company’s performance review process and create evaluations based on key performance indicators. Our training management module will help align the performance of employees with training efforts.

    Employee self-service: Provision of a portal that allows employees to update or view their personal information, thereby removing substantial stress from the HR staff.

    Payroll management: Personalized HR and payroll management for the calculation of employee benefits and pay, together with managing salary revision, payroll tracking and direct deposit.




    • You can efficiently manage all your HR programs from a central location.

    • Enables easier and better access to detailed information

    • Real-time collaboration that will enhance employee communication and engagement

    • Improves consistency and data accuracy and eliminates redundancy.

    • Helps save time and money

    • Supports the culture of your business organization

    Built with the latest technology, this HR software is built in a secure cloud, so you need not download any software or hire system engineers. It works across all operating systems and devices being the perfect solution to cater to all your HR requirements.