• Director’s Profile

    Kapila Wimalaratne
    Director – Epitom Trinergy USA

    Kapila Wimalaratne is a business owner residing in Southern California. Before venturing into the world of marketing and business management, he was initially involved in the hospitality industry, where he gathered the skills to be a successful marketer. With years of experience handling several international campaigns,Kapila is well-versed in establishing companies in the online marketplace. Having established several ventures of his own, Kapila has experience in running small and medium enterprises, and understands the complications and difficulties thaSt come with it.


    Kapila is also a regular contributor to the Sri Lanka American Association of Southern California (SLAASC). As the president of the society in 2012-2013, he proved to be a successful leader, implementing several projects, including membership benefit card program,  scholarship program and fundraisers . His passion combined with effective management drove the society to a position it had not enjoyed in over 40 years of operation.

    Pieter-Jan Snijders
    Pieter-Jan Snijders
    Director – Epitom Trinergy Nerderland

    Through obtaining his bachelor’s degree Technology Management at the Rijksuniversiteit Groningen Pieter-Jan gained in depth knowledge about IT and marketing related topics. This is expanded by extensive training at Epitom Trinergy where after Pieter-Jan was promoted to being responsible for the Dutch Market.


    He gained international experience with the prestigious International Business Research project in Indonesia. Furthermore Pieter-Jan developed his management skills as chairman of the Board of G.S.F.V. Drs. Vijfje, the biggest Futsal Association of The Netherlands with over 450 members.

    Fernando Saldana
    Fernando Saldana
    Director – Epitom Trinergy Mexico

    Fernando Saldana is a graduated Doctor of Medicine from the prestigious Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla in Mexico. After his internship at the Medica Sur foundation and the Instituto Nacional de Cancerologia, his deep interest in business administration and management caused him to establish a number of entrepreneurial ventures.


    Being a logical and pragmatic thinker, Fernando hopes that through his business venture can assist other companies in Mexico with growing and adapting to the changing marketplace.