• Web Design & Development

    Epitom_web_developmentWhen it comes to designing your website, you have to strike a careful balance between design, content and technicality. Your website should offer relevant and useful content to readers in an appealing manner while the code should be efficient to reduce load times and increase functionality. The design of this site will play a role in delivering the right brand perceptions to your consumers and can encourage them to make purchases. This website will need to be optimized for search engines as well, so that people searching for your service can find you much more easily.


    Epitom Trinergy can deliver all these benefits to your company website. With both web developers and marketers on our team, we’ll design your site to be as appealing as possible to users while using a marketing-oriented approach to ensure it is effective at driving sales.

    These are the services we offer as part of our web design portfolio:


    Web Development and Design


    We can design and implement customized websites for your brand that are coded expertly, appealing to users, and maintain functionality across all devices. Our web developers stay up to date with the latest standards of HTML5, CSS3 and other technologies such as JQuery, while our marketing experts and design consultants will ensure your brand image comes across effectively. We will also develop keyword-oriented content for your website that is informative to users and adds credibility to your brand.



    Social Media Integration


    We can edit your website to integrate it with your social media efforts. Any content you publish on your website can then be shared easily, which will subsequently drive more viewers towards your site.



    Content Management Integration and Design


    You may find the process of updating your site to be difficult, or you may have hired someone else to do it for you. We can design and implement a content management system to your website to make it much easier to update information regularly. This way, it becomes a simple task that can be handled by anyone with basic typing skills.



    E-Commerce Websites


     If you want to start doing business online, our designers can implement e-commerce functionality to your website. Your customers will be able to use their credit card information to make direct purchases over the internet.



    Email Signups


     We can implement a system to analyze your customer database and segment your customers into targetable groups. This can then be used for targeted promotional campaigns like newsletters and special offers. This segmentation will be useful for your physical marketing efforts as well.

    How our web development process unfolds will depend on whether or not you have an existing website in place.

    Creation of a new website

    Competitor analysis and keyword analysis

    We do a keyword analysis on search terms related to your business to see how your competitors are performing for each. This way we can find out what they have missed on and where you can perform better than them.


    Initial design structure

    We will conduct a brainstorming session with you to collect your input and begin designing a rough structure. Our content marketers will create a rough draft of the content for your site and our designers will create site samples for you to decide from.



    Once you are satisfied with the layout and design of the site, our developers will finalize it. All code will be reviewed and tested to ensure the site performs well across devices. The graphic and written content of your site will also be finalized, which will contribute to your SEO while promoting your brand to users.


    Final review and launch

    After the website is complete, we will do a final review to make sure nothing has been missed out. After presenting the site to you and obtaining approval, the new website can be launched.

    Development of Existing Website

    Online Audit

    We run an audit of your existing online efforts, including an audit of your company website, social media analysis and a reputation management analysis. We also run a keyword analysis and compare your performance against others.


    Structure and presentation of web plan

    At this point we will use the information from the audit to design a rough redesign structure for your site, highlighting any features that need to be changed. Once drawn up, this will be presented to you.



    Collaboration and commencement

    After the structure has been presented, we will use your input to finalize the development process. Then, web development will commence, and our developers will get to work on your site.




    Completion of website and presentation to client

    Once the changes have been implemented and the redesign is complete, you will be shown the result. If you’re happy with the product, the redesigned site goes online.

    Our work doesn’t automatically end once your site goes online, though. We will continue to deliver monthly reports and updates to ensure a smooth transition. Here’s what we cover in our monthly report:


    Webmaster Central Report

     We use Webmaster Central to check your site for any issues that may arise with the code to keep your site 100% error free.


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    Web Analytics Tools 

    We analyze the traffic that comes to your site to gain important information, such as how visitors come across your page and what time you receive the most hits.



    Keyword Ranking Report

    We will continually assess your performance in search engine rankings to see where your competitors are gaining ground and what you can do to keep the lead.