• Social Media Management

    Epitom_social_mediaThe massive popularity of social media has created a need for businesses to have a presence on major social media networks to stay abreast of the competition. Social media marketing allows your brand to interact with its customers on an almost informal basis, building a stronger emotional connection between the brand and its consumers. The key to an effective social media campaign is to create a sense of interactivity instead of simply using it as a one-way broadcasting tool to push advertisements and messages to consumers.

    Epitom Consulting can help your business spread the buzz and get your customers to start talking about you online.





    Here’s how we get your company into the Social Media marketing scene:

    • Initial audit of your current social media strategy – We’ll look at your current social media efforts, if you have any, and measure the level of effectiveness.

    • Presentation of the new social media marketing plan – Once we have collected data on your current social media strategy, we will design an improvised version designed to maximize customer engagement.

    • Implementation of this plan – After obtaining your approval, we will handle the set-up of the new social media strategy, from establishing accounts on multiple social networks to the creation and sharing of appealing content.

    • Pro-active management and reporting – Each contract guarantees the best service from our experts, who will deliver statistics on the campaign as it is run to assess whether the projected results are being delivered.

    All our services are in line with professional industry practices, ensuring the best outcome for your business. Our focus will be to use social media marketing to get your customers to engage with your brand, which will generate a more positive brand image and increase customer loyalty.