• Search Engine Optimisation in Sri Lanka

    Epitom_SEOAre you looking to increase the traffic received by your website? And increase online brand awareness and sales? If so, SEO would be the right strategy for your business. Search Engine Optimization, put simply, increases the visibility of your site on the web, making it more likely for customers to be driven to your site over those of your competitors. Through various improvements to your website, your site can be the most relevant page in the search results of engines like Google and Bing, making it very easy for customers to find your business. A website that is displayed on the first page of Google’s search results can be likened to the online equivalent of a billboard in Times Square.



    Our team at Epitom Trinergy is equipped to increase your site visibility through clean and certified SEO methods. Here’s how we approach the process of Search Engine Optimization.

    We look at how your site performs on local and international searches for various relevant keywords. We will also analyze your site’s content and code to see how these can be improved.

    We look at the keywords used on your site and those of your competitors and analyze the effectiveness of each. Once the main keywords have been identified, we can then focus on such topics through effective content to drive people towards your site.

    Our content developers will begin creating quality content to increase the authority of your website. After Google’s Hummingbird update, this is one of the more effective ways to ensure a better search engine ranking in Google. This also has the benefit of making your site more appealing to visitors, so this useful content will also help with increasing the loyalty of your users.

    The more back links your site receives from authoritative domains, the more search-engine friendly it becomes. We use approved techniques to increase such back links to your site to boost your ranking level. We also offer more in-depth link building solutions designed for established sites trying to quickly gain momentum online, so if you’re interested in link building in particular, take a look.

    You can keep your content relevant and prevent duplications by linking between related topics on different pages of your website. We can help you do this without wrapping your sitemap in knots.

    We will set up Google’s webmaster tools for your site and show you how to interpret them to help keep control in your hands. We will also analyze your websites to correct errors and dead links and improve your search rankings.

    After optimizing your site to perform well in search engines, we will keep analyzing your site’s search engine ranking to ensure you retain your advanced position. We can also keep developing relevant content for your site to be updated regularly, and you will receive monthly reports on your site’s SEO performance.