• CricWit

    Cricket, also known as ‘the gentleman’s game’, has risen in popularity across the globe and is a sport that is passionately loved, played and followed by millions on fans. Cricket is now being played across of number of platforms. From national teams to school and club cricket leagues, cricket is one of the most loved games in the world.


    Why choose CricWit?

    With so many young players entering in the arena of cricket, the number of matches being played is countless. And as game of statistics and records, it is important that every single delivery, run and record is documented.


    The solution is with us

    CricWit is a web-based application that has been developed by Epitom Trinergy. It is a fully fledged and comprehensive cricket website application that is integrated into the website if the cricket club, team, school, etc.


    How useful is CricWit?

    As an all-inclusive application, CricWit enables you to keep perfect track of club details, team and player profiles, match schedules, venues, live scoreboards, past results, unforgettable moments and a number of other cricket updates for all the fans across the world.


    How can CricWit be accessed?

    The team or club that owns CricWit can access and update all activities that include live scores by logging in to the backend. Any users or parties that are interested about these teams and clubs can see all the relevant information in summary or in complete detail via the website which will serve as the outer interface of this application.

    CricWit is a software that has been built on a CMS platform so it can be handled easily by individuals with minimal IT training as well. As a result, this application can be used without a dedicated work station and all data and live scored can be fed in, edited and updated easily.


    Benefits of CricWit for clients

    • Clear documentation of all player activities, profiles, matches, schedules, venues, summaries, records, unforgettable moments, etc

    • The website will serve as the ultimate database for any previous cricket records

    • Serves as a decision-making tool in selecting and rewarding players

    • Acts as a calendar with all updates that are relevant to the upcoming matches

    • A reliable source of all cricket-related information

    • Drives more traffic to the website

    • Advertisers and brands can effectively target traffic

    • Serves as a revenue channel and an advertising portal

    • Acts as a revenue channel through which cricket souvenirs are sold


    With a plethora of comprehensive features, CricWit can serve as the ultimate platform through which all cricket-related information can be added, updated and checked.

    Interested parties can start off with a free product trial for the first month. If the client is happy, the product will be sold to them. Thereafter, technical support will be given for free for the first three months. The client will also be given continuous monthly support and database management.

    Benefit from all all-inclusive cricket package. CricWit is your ultimate solution for the documentation of all things cricket!